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We stand side by side with our clients,
We stand side by side with our clients, We stand side by side with our clients,
We stand side by side with our clients,


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In 2012, the Gentosha Group launched a business with the aim of providing high-net-worth individuals and company owners with information and consulting assistance on protecting their assets. That initiative has developed a strong client base through its unique position as a neutral, media-oriented source of valuable insight. In building connections with savvy, informed high-net-worth individuals and learning more and more about their needs, however, the Gentosha Group eventually came to a new realization: clients needed more than what the existing products and services in the market could give them. They needed resources that only the Gentosha Group could offer. That was the genesis of Gentosha Asset Management, which took shape in 2016 to meet those needs with tailor-made financial solutions.



We develop private-placement fund portfolios around ships and other properties open to investment by general business operations. By focusing on investment opportunities that have tended to be unfeasible due to concerns about size and other factors, we are always working to shape new fund strategies for our clients. It all involves tapping into exclusive, hard-to-find investment opportunities and finding the optimal combinations of investment conditions (return predictions and investment periods) from an investor’s perspective—the key elements of our mission to build client-oriented funds around the specific needs of each and every company owner and investor.


An “IFA” is an “Independent Financial Advisor,” a specialist who helps clients manage assets from a neutral standpoint completely independent of the business policies in place at specific financial institutions. Having obtained an official IFA license from the Prime Minister of Japan, we offer IFA services to our clients by mediating purchases of securities (listed shares, investment trusts, bonds, etc.). The IFA approach is poised for substantial growth over the coming years, and our services embody what we do best—standing side by side with our individual clients. For details, see our IFA site at

M&A アドバイザリー

In Japan, SMEs across the board are currently grappling with business-succession challenges. Our M&A advisory services fill a unique position in that context, focusing on the kinds of “small M&A” deals that tend to lie outside the scope of traditional, profit volume-focused advisory firms. While our efforts to facilitate business succession include helping clients sell their companies to interested parties, we also encourage high-net-worth individuals and company owners to explore small M&A investments (as buyers and investors) as means of making effective business investments. Visit the link below for more information on our M&A projects.


When the Japanese government passed its Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) Act in 2012, renewable energy plants began popping up across the country—a trend that continues to this day. Our experienced renewable-energy advisors help company owners and high-net-worth individuals sell their existing plant assets and assist clients with investments in new plants, as well. Head to to learn more about our renewable-energy projects.


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January 4, 2016
Gentosha Total Asset Consulting Inc. (100%)
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Representative director: Masayoshi Yamashita
Director: Makoto Sakata
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Type II Financial Instruments Business: Director-General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments) No. 2946
Financial Instruments Intermediary Services Business: Director-General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments Intermediary) No. 817
Secondhand Dealer: Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No. 303321606352
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Fund management
IFA services
M&A advisory
Renewable-energy plant transaction advisory, etc.
Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association


Masayoshi Yamashita
Representative Director

After taking a position at Sanwa Bank (now MUFG Bank, Ltd. ) in 1995, Masayoshi Yamashita worked at the bank’s Iidabashi Branch, Credit Examination Department (Tokyo Headquarters), Hibiya Branch, and Corporate Banking Division (Tokyo Headquarters) and also served as the president’s secretary. During his time at the bank, he not only developed wide-ranging expertise in the sales field, dealing with high-net-worth individuals, SMEs, and large-scale corporate clients, but also gained valuable experience in head-office operations. Yamashita left his position when the bank finalized a merger in 2006, after which he joined Gentosha. Working in the Business Management Department, he handled corporate-planning projects in subsidiary management, IPO preparation, IR, shareholder relations, internal controls, MBO, M&A, overseas subsidiary establishment, and other dimensions of business operations. Yamashita also served in directorships at subsidiaries in Gentosha’s Comics Department and Education Department, which also helped him gather publishing experience. With his thorough understanding of perspectives in both the financial sector and the business world, Yamashita recognized that company owners and high-net-worth individuals had a growing need for information on asset protection. That awareness led Yamashita to help found Gentosha Total Asset Consulting Inc. in 2012 and Gentosha Asset Management, where he serves as representative director, in 2016.

Makoto Sakata

Makoto Sakata joined Sanwa Bank (now MUFG Bank, Ltd. ) in 1998, working on corporate financing and examinations until taking a new position at an investment firm in 2006. There, he gained experience in hands-on corporate investment, M&A advisory, investor recruitment for private-placement funds, and investment business in the renewable-energy sector and other areas. He then went on to join Gentosha Total Asset Consulting Inc. in 2015 and help found Gentosha Asset Management in 2016, aiming to pursue efforts in fund formation and related fields. He currently serves as a director at Gentosha Asset Management.


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